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Virunga Amani Tours and Travel is a tour and travel company officially registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo under No: 5-93-N98507Y and Reg. # CD/GOM/RCCM/14-A-0065.  The company operates around the “Virunga” landscape that separates the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda.

It was later, in 1902, that the gorillas were discovered. However, the Mountain Gorilla species was made famous through the research of Dian Fossey, and today this species’ survival depends more on the local people of these countries than any other factor.

The question remains whether local human needs can be met while saving the critical habitat these animals need for survival.
It is the only place on earth where mountain Gorilla occurs naturally.

The word “Amani” means peace in Swahili and our main challenge and goal are focused on promoting a peaceful and responsible tourism and environment between local people and the critical habitat needed by these animals for their survival.

By choosing us, make sure you contribute in meeting this challenge of promoting a peaceful and responsible tourism and environment between the Gorilla and local humans.