7 Days Bonobos Itinerary in Wild Nature

The bonobo, or Pan paniscus is one of our closest relatives among the apes with a genetic similarity of 99%. This specy towards disappearance exists only in DR Congo.

We offer this tour to discover the facet of bonobo life in the sanctuary.Reassemble the Congo River and participate in tracking into the forest to spend time with the presence of the Bonobos, a specy of monkeys in the process of disappearance.

Return to the village Immersion in the Aboriginal population (Teke) and show some dances Ekoul not Balow in cultural evening, night at the camp.

Indicative Programme

Day1: Welcome at N’Djili international airport and transfer to hotel.

After lunch, city tour of Kinshasa town: Walk and visit of the sanctuary Bonobos <Lola ya Bonobo>, Lake My Valley Symphony gallery of the arts.

Day2: Boarding for the Tshumbiri Ngafura port Maluku (Maluku is a town in Kinshasa located 80 km from downtown) Menko night at the village.

This party itinerary allows you to discover the river, its traffic and its inhabitants in a particular formula approach immersion. During the two days you can participate in several types of traditional fishing. Think about your fishing rods and swimwear.

Day3: After breakfast and browsing for Tshumbiri arriving around 15:00. We leave the boat and transfer by jeep to Nkala arriving around 18:00. Free evening and overnight in tents

Day4: Transfer to the forest at around 5:00 am, breakfast provided (packed food). Tracking of Bonobos and return to town 12h00. After lunch courtesy visit to the chiefdom, around the village. Around 4:30 p.m. show with famous folklore Ekoul balow. Return to the camp around 18:30, Meeting with the staff of the NGO Mbomou turn. Nights in tents or Mbomou tower inn.

Day5: We leave the forest at around 5:30 and arrive at the camp at around 11:00 am. Goodbye to the leadership and transfer to Tshumbiri, overnight in Tshumbiri.

Day6: Around 6:00 Boarding and return to Kinshasa .Breakfast on board of the boat and arrive at Maluku around 16:30.

Aurevoir to the crew of the boat and transfer center Free evening. Overnight at hotel

Day7: Transfer to Ndjili international airport and end of the tour.

Means of transport

– Kinshasa -Tshumbiri (boat)

– Tshumbiri- Nkala (jeep)

– Nkala-Tshumbiri (jeep)

– Tshumbiri-Kinshasa (Boat)


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