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Virunga Amani Tours and Travel is a successful, reputable safari and tour company registered in D R Congo employing a team of professional local tour guides across the Virunga Landscape since 2010.

We are the established leader in community-based tourism and Eco Tourism in the Virunga Landscape (DRC, Rwanda and Uganda).

Offering tours in the Virunga region i.e Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, Virunga Amani Tours, cooperates with an extensive network of community organisations, international operators and likeminded private companies.

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By application of Ordinance No. 73/236 of August 13, 1973 establishing a NATIONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (Id. Nat.) of the Ministry of Economy in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), it was decided to assign Virunga Amani Tours and Travel the number 19-G4701-N98507Y.

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